Stage Hypnosis Training

Stage hypnosis is a little different then the therapeutic application. Stage hypnosis is done for entertainment. However many of the same disciplines are required and they are a learned skill. There are numerous websites on the Internet that offer to teach these skills. They generally offer not only skills in the art of hypnotism but also the skills of showmanship. These skills generally include: How to hypnotize groups while they are on stage; How to perform a stage show; How to get participants to volunteer and fill the seats on stage; How to start each show with hypnosis demonstration that is powerful and what errors to avoid; What to do with people who resist induction and how to keep people in trance; What kinds of skits to perform and how to structure them; How to move from the first induction into the first skit; How to create a stage show with two hypnotists; How to make participants understand and speak foreign languages while not being able to remember their own names; Understanding stage lighting and sound; The 8 biggest blunders that can kill a show, and how to avoid them; How to do an adult and G-Rated family shows; How to promote stage safety without which you could be liable for injury; Where to buy liability insurance, how to handle contracts, and how to make sure you get paid; How to get gigs at high schools, colleges, reunions, corporate events, comedy clubs, and; How to earn big money on door deals in your own community.

Most of these training schools also offer to teach you step by step instruction on how to do instant inductions, what to do with someone after they are hypnotized, effective strategies for successful on the spot trances, the creation of stage/street/party/anywhere shows with various hypnotic phenomena such as positive and negative hallucinations, sticky parts, catalepsy and amnesia, and astonishing applications for stage and street hypnosis settings. In addition, many stage hypnosis schools teach how to build rapport with the audience during the warm up talk, what to tell people to make them want to come up on stage, how and why to do stage show convincers or suggestibility tests, how to keep the audience in continued involvement, and how to do a magnificent stage show induction for deep trance results. Other topics include: The precise wording required for deep hypnotic induction; The famous hypnotic handshake which induces a rapid trance; How to build a never fail pre talk for individual hypnosis or stage; How to develop phenomena such as theta deep trance, arm and eye catalepsy, and hypnotic amnesia; How to master hypnotic language patterns for amazing results; A discussion of legal, ethical and training considerations; The effective convincers for stage, street and clinical work, and; The 3 different rapid inductions. So if you are interested in doing hypnotic stage shows there are numerous websites on the Internet dedicated to this sort of training. Most all of these stage hypnosis courses also come with a money back guarantee.

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