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There are many notions as to how hypnosis actually started. Hindus in India claim they began the method of hypnosis and would use it to cure ailments. Today, hypnosis is widely used for health ailments and it is associated with psychology. Back in 1842, James Braid started learning about hypnosis and its effects. He did not believe that hypnosis was caused by mesmerism and thought that a trance state was merely a nervous sleep.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis entails entering into a trance state which has been induced by a hypnosis practitioner. Hypnosis will often be a valid and successful way for effecting change within a person by primarily working through the unconscious or subconscious mind. Hypnosis therapy will typically be given within a private setting, similar to counselling, and is practised so as to help a person with anything from stopping smoking to losing weight to overcoming a phobia. Hypnosis can be a helpful type of therapy if practised by the proper practitioner. A hypnotist will normally go through a form of formal education as well as be trained in disciplines such as counselling or psychotherapy. Safe practises amongst any hypnotists are monitored by certain ethical committees so as to ensure the safety of clients.

Hypnosis Training Centres

For quite a few years, the practise of hypnosis has given people in general a better understanding of clinical hypnotherapy. It is now thought to be an acceptable treatment for a range of physical, mental and emotional problems. Several hypnosis training centres can be found in the United Kingdom. Many of these centres offer hypnosis and hypnotherapy practitioners the discipline, skills and tuition needed to be able to practise both soundly and ethically. These centres include The Hypnosis Course and Hypnotherapy Courses United Kingdom, the UK Hypnotherapy Training College, and The London College of Clinical Hypnosis to name a few. These schools provide the tools, resources and techniques necessary to help people overcome life’s obstacles and achieve personal growth.

Professional hypnosis training and mentoring is given that is designed to help a person achieve their personal and career goals within a short space of time. In addition, these centres will help a person in identifying, developing and implementing long-term success plans, as well as creating confidence within customers, peers and colleagues alike. The centres also help a person in defining and programming goals that will help in guaranteeing success and gaining instant rapport and trust.

All the trainees that complete the necessary hypnotherapy accreditation process and courses will then be eligible for memberships in many highly reputed national and international professional hypnotherapy associations. The centres offer hypnosis training programmes at a few levels, from the foundation level to the intermediate and finally the advanced level. The centres also offer numerous postgraduate support programmes together with training within clinical hypnotherapy market building and practice. Once the trainees have completed their hypnosis training, they will be a legal Psychotherapist.

Choosing a Hypnosis Training Course

It must be noted that it can be unwise to accept any claims regarding accredited courses without a thorough assessment. These claims can often be based on inferior and minimal educational standards and often have no bearing whatsoever on the effectiveness of advanced hypnotherapy and its practical skills. Selecting any course will require a very meticulous investigation. When a person is in search of a reliable hypnosis training course, they must make sure that it has genuine standards with regards to duration and quality of face-to-face tuition and that the teaching staff has had a lot of practical experience teaching established hypnosis skills.

It must also be said that there are no particular qualifications that are needed to learn hypnotherapy and that anyone can take part in a hypnosis training course. Many of the schools offer their trainees post-graduate consultation in case the graduates experience any problems after they have graduated. For a person who has been considering reaching their goals and shifting the direction in their life, the institutions mentioned here will offer a training course that combines up to the minute psychological principles with the most sophisticated behavioural techniques to create success and transformation.

Hypnosis Training Centres in London

There are quite a few hypnosis training centres that can be found in London itself. The BST Foundation Training offers teaching within central London every second Saturday. This approach to teaching allows trainees from the rest of the United Kingdom to attend this course. It is an effective way of developing theoretical knowledge and client skills and enhances the process of practical approaches. Attending only every second Saturday is quite beneficial for any student who has other commitments or who is already employed.

The universities also offer recognised training courses within clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy. These university courses are currently held within the London School of Hygiene & Medicine. The Clinical Hypnosis certification lasts for an academic year while the Practitioner Diploma for Clinical Hypnosis takes an extra year of studying. An academic year consists of two main semesters that comprise four modules. This means that eight modules are needed for both of these courses over the two year period. Each module that is completed is worth thirty university credits.

The LCCH or the London College of Clinical Hypnosis offers certificates in Clinical Hypnosis, a Medical Diploma, Practitioner Diploma Course, and Master class in Hypnosis. The college also carries out scientific research into the related fields of hypnosis. They constantly seek to advance the awareness of hypnosis within a therapeutic context and their goal in this is to improve the effectiveness of treatments. They have produced a two-step technique for the treatment of OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder. This is usually done within two treatment sessions and has created a lot of interest amongst different therapists.

The Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis offers recognised hypnotherapy courses and hypnotherapy training in London. Their ten module course taken over an eight to ten month period qualifies students in eclectic psychotherapy and also clinical and medical hypnosis. The academy also offers a 5-day fast track course which is suitable for a student with medical and/or psychological training or even for existing therapists. The fast track course in NLP and hypnotherapy equips students with everything they need to add NLP and hypnotherapy to their existing qualifications.

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