Hypnosis Training London

There are numerous hypnosis training courses in London. One is the BST Foundation Training. All teaching takes place in central London on every other Saturday. They have determined that this approach to training is one of the most effective ways to develop client skills and theoretical knowledge and enhance the process of learning practical approaches. In addition this approach also allows students from all over the UK to attend the course. This is also greatly beneficial for students who are already employed or who may have other commitments. The Universities have accredited training courses in hypnotherapy and clinical hypnosis, and are currently only held in London at the London School of Hygiene and Medicine. The certification in Clinical Hypnosis is held over one academic year and Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis, is also held over for one further year of study. Each academic year is broken down into two main semesters which are further broken down into 4 modules, making 8 modules required in total for both courses over 2 years. Each completed module is worth 30 university credits.

Another school that teaches hypnosis is The London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH). They offer Master classes in hypnosis, Practitioner Diploma Courses, Medical Diploma, and Clinical Hypnosis Certificates. The LCCH also conducts on going scientific research into hypnosis and related fields. They re constantly seeking to advance our knowledge of hypnosis in the therapeutic context, with the goal of improving the efficacy of treatments. They have been able to produce highly effective and original methodologies for the treatment of particular conditions that are unresponsive to normal psychotherapy. A two step technique for treating obsessive compulsive disorders (OCDs), usually within two sessions, has created much interest among therapists of all persuasions. In addition, some of our studies obtaining normalized data from the population concerning the extent to which numerous psychological problems have managed to attract the attention of the media in this country and abroad. LCCH conducted extensive studies of travel phobias and the resulting reports were published in several tabloid newspapers, The Independent on Sunday, and The Times.

The Academy of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis also provides accredited hypnotherapy training and accredited hypnotherapy courses in London. Over an 8 to 10 month period their 10 module course will qualify students in both medical and clinical hypnosis as well as eclectic psychotherapy, providing one of the most in depth training courses in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy available today. Their external accreditations include: The National Council For Hypnotherapy; The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council; The Hypnotherapy Association, and; The National Council Of Psychotherapists. They also offer 5 day 'fast track' courses which are suitable for those students with psychological and/or medical training or existing therapists. The fast track courses in hypnotherapy and NLP will equip the student with all that is you needed to add hypnotherapy and NLP to your existing qualifications. The fast track course is accredited through the National Council of Psychotherapists and general Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

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